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Maverick Geraldine


VBN3552 – UK TAG 0177818/00066 (2019)

I was on a Valais buying trip and stopped at a few breeders en route. A breeder in Cheshire had put together a small group of ewes for me to look at. Gerry was not amongst those chosen to meet me but always a determined little madam she snuck in when nobody was looking. Obviously determined to join our little family she created quite an impression and after I left the breeders she remained in my thoughts for the rest of the day.

On my way home from Wales I was still thinking about little Gerry and on sheer impulse, phoned her breeder, made him an offer and then had to persuade my long-suffering driver to detour back via Cheshire to pick her up. When we arrived, the breeder was tied up with the vet, but little Gerry was making lots of noise to make sure we found her.

She was cosily loaded in with her new ‘sisters’ by the time the breeder arrived with her paperwork. Gerry settled in immediately at Broadgate Farm but always likes to get her own individual attention. Just to make sure, she regularly gets her fleece tangled up in the Hawthorne hedges and screams blue murder till we rescue her and give her a cuddle.


In October 2021, Gerry produced a lovely baby girl called Izzi.

In March 2023 she produced a boy called Kevin.

In February 2024 she produced perfectly marked twins, Lavender and Larry.

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