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Edelweiss Heather


VBN4686 – UK TAG 0716372/00144 (2020)

Heather came from Kathi Hare in Wales, separated from mum for the first time and thrown into a new flock of other ewes the same age she was quite nervous. She was the result of an embryo transfer so Mum had been a surrogate ewe rather than another Valais.

Not surprisingly when she spotted my adult Texels in the field, she and her two ‘sisters’ (142 & 120) from Wales made a beeline for the Texels and chased them all over the field. The Texel ewes having never been mums as yet were terrified and a ‘monty python’ type sketch ensued. The youngsters were confused but fast, the Texels were terrified and unfit. We had to put them in separate fields before the Texels had a heart attack. Unfortunately, later in the year, we discovered Heather had a vitamin D deficiency and her leg had grown in a peculiar position. She is not lame however, and seems to manage perfectly well, long may this continue.

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