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Dwylig Delilah


VBN3995 – UK TAG 0716312/00018 (2020)

Deliah came from a small holding in Wales. The smallholders had only one ram and one ewe so Dixie and Delilah were the inevitable result. The two girls having been lavished with love and affection were incredibly tame, followed us around like dogs and if you sat down would jump on top of you for a head scratch and a cuddle. They were separated from Mum for the first time, loaded into a trailer with 3 other ewe lambs and bundled off on a 3 hour journey to their new home.

They took it all in their stride, handled it all extremely well and settled in fast. At Broadgate Farm they lead the flock, racing to come, when called, and can be relied upon to provide a gentle headbutt if we forget their ear scratch or hugs.


In February 2022, Delilah produced a perfectly marked baby girl we called Jem.

In March 2023 she had perfectly marked twins a boy named Kiddo and a girl called Kiki.

In March 2024 Delilah produced another set of perfectly marked twins, a boy Lloyd, and a girl Lyric.

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